How To Choose A Fishing Reel

When in the market for a new fishing rod and reel here are some helpful tips in getting the correct one. There are several factors when you are considering buying a fishing reel. The type of fish you are after, the location in which you are going to be fishing, and preferred angler. You can better choose your reel if you know what kind of fish you want to catch. The location matters if you are in a very vegetative area or open water. Choosing the right fishing reel will seem easy after you are able to identify these starting points.

How to choose a fishing reel for fly fishing is a little more difficult than just throwing a line and catching a fish. Unlike, a bait caster or spinning reel, you have a lot more going on with fly fishing. Fly rods have 3 main purposes, all have an important role in choosing the right rod and reel. Casting, line control, striking and landing fish. The fly line allows you to cast with accuracy. The line control is the line in the water and the control you have over it and when striking and landing fish you want your rod to be flexible and strong. Typically the more flexible the better the rod. When fly fishing there are 3 actions to consider before buying, fast, medium, and slow action. Fast action is for long casting, medium action is the most versatile and great for beginners. If you’re only fishing freshwater fish, like trout, this is the only rod and reel you will ever need. Slow action is very flexible and used for small streams. When choosing the right fishing reel, consider how many pieces, construction (graphite is stronger than fiberglass), and investing in a fly rod combo. The combos are almost always balanced and great for beginners.

How to choose a fishing reel when fishing for large mouth bass is a little different from fly fishing or deep sea fishing. There are several rod and reels to fish for bass. Bass will pretty much grab anything, cane poles, spinning reels, or even a hand line can be used but by far the best to catch bass is the pistol grip bait caster. They have been named the bass master and used widely among tournaments. The key factor in bass fishing is to have a short, 5 foot to 5.5 foot, equipped with 8 to 10 pound test line.

How to choose a fishing reel when deep sea fishing is not as complicated as it sounds. In fact, when deep sea fishing you are just using a bigger rod, reel, and heavier test line because the catch will be a lot larger. A quality second-hand, saltwater reel is the ideal way to go for beginners. Bait casters are very popular in deep sea fishing and they are the preferred rod, because it can hold heavier, larger lures and bait. The catch is a lot bigger too.

Choosing the right fishing reel can be confusing and quite frustrating, but if you know what you want to fish, then choosing the perfect reel won’t be hard at all. Happy fishing!