Different Types of Fishing Reels

Fishing Reels, No Longer a Long Stick with a Long String

Whether you fish to feed your family, de-stress or enjoy some solitude, if you’re a fisherman, you may know about the number of different reels and the fish they are made to catch. Maybe we can share a little something new with you here. Technology is touching just about every aspect of our lives and fishing is no exception.

Fishing Reels Explained

In case you didn’t know, fishing reels involve winding and storing fishing line. The fishing rod is the pole that the reel attaches to for casting, and accuracy.

The art of fishing originated in China about 1195 AD, where we saw the first drawings. It wasn’t until 1650 AD that fishing popped up in England and then in 1820, the first popular American fishing reel made its appearance in the United States.

Types of Fishing Reels

There are several types of fishing reels, some of the more traditional include: bait casting, spinning reels, fly reels and spin casting reels.

  • Spin casting reels as you may recall are associated with newbies and/or younger fishers. Easy to use, they are also very popular with experienced fishers as well.
  • Bait casting reels are generally used by more experienced fishers because it takes some practice to adjust to the heavier line and you control the spool with your thumb. Great for large mouth, catfish and saltwater fishing.
  • Spinning reels may be the most popular reels and they come in different sizes. You also don’t have to deal with the backlash that comes with a bait casting reel. Not designed for the heaviest lines, they are incredibly accurate.
  • Fly reels unlike the others we’ve discussed use handmade flies that resemble insects. Fly making is just as much an art or hobby as fishing. The line floats along with the drag of the running fish. Drag refers to the friction plates in the reel that release more line for a fish running through the water. Fly fishing may offer you the most solitude, if that is your fishing goal.

Those are the basics, now let’s look at some innovative 2017 reels with awesome technology.

  • If you’re looking for a high-speed gear ration, with drag pressure up to 33 pounds, the Okuma Cedros may be the answer for you. It has a four plus one bearing system that some consider a drawback.
  • With a flashy blue body color and gold accents, the sexy look of the Pflueger President is a sure-fire attention grabber. Its unique hole pattern is specifically designed to decrease the weight. It has a one-way clutch bearing (anti reverse feature), machined, double anodized aluminum spool.
  • Approved for both salt and freshwater practices, the Stradic C14+ is your solution for casting lightweight jigs. The logic behind jig fishing is that heavier is better. Lightweight jigs work best for you in calm water, and when you’re in search of bass. This jig gives bass a different look and therefore appears more attractive to them. And with a black carbon fiber body and red accents, you’ll be the envy of every fisher around.
  • If you plan to hit the surf or find yourself on the ocean surrounded by sea spray, the Penn Spinfisher V is for you. It has a metal body and side plate that will withstand heavy loads.

So, if you’re just out for your first fishing adventure or you’re a seasoned master, you have lots of options. And if we may quote country singer, Slim Dusty, who “knows a bad days fishin’ beats a good day’s work every time,” grab your favorite reel and go have fun! We hope this helps you with fishing reels explained.


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