Bass Fishing For Beginners

Bass Fishing For Beginners


You probably already know that fishing is one of America’s favorite ways of relaxing, but do you know which kind of fishing is among the most popular?  If you said bass fishing, you’ve guessed correctly.  Why?  Maybe it’s because these fish are found at many locations in the country or maybe it’s because they put up such a fight when you hook em.  Fact is these fish can be an easy catch if they’re in abundance and you’re using the right bait so by studying your fishing location and using the right type of bait you should be on your way to an exciting day of bass fishing.


Today bass fishing is popular from the beginner fishermen to the seasoned anglers.  There has been so much written on the matter that one can spend an entire day at the library reading about the subject or if you prefer you can catch a program on TV of bass fishermen sharing their ideas and tips.  Either way you can quickly come up to par on what it takes to master the sport.  Of course an half hour TV show can contain hours of fishing compressed into a 30 minute segment so don’t think that it’s going to be that easy.  Plan to spend your day or at least half a day on the water to meet your goals.


This article is all about bass fishing for beginners.  Bass fishing like any other type of fishing can be done from a boat or the bank so I won’t go into water craft selection here.  If you have one, good for you, but if you don’t, do not fret.  Bass fishing can be done and done effectively from the shore line.  You will need a rod and reel that is preferably built for bass fishing and you will need the correct type of bait.  This is where knowledge of your particular fishing location comes into play.  Maybe you know fishermen in your location that can share some thought on bait selection or maybe you’re fishing in a state park where a ranger or other park personnel can assist you.


One of the most used bass fishing baits is plastic worms.  These worms come in all sorts of colors and sizes and are easy to find.  What makes plastic worms a fishermen favorite is because when they are old and shredded up they are still of good use for fishing.  Bass like to attack wounded prey and a worn out plastic worm maybe just what they’re looking for.  So make sure you don’t throw them away.  Some of the other baits used are crank baits, spinnerbaits, jig and pig, bucktail jig, topwater plugs, tail spinners, and spoons.  With so much to choose from you can spend more money on bait then what the fish are worth.  That’s why it’s important to do your homework before making your selection.  Also, keep in mind that there are natural things in the water that bass feed off so if you’re fishing off the bank and are near an old log that’s in the water you may want to dig in the dirt around it for worms.  Bass love these treats.


I hope this article has given you some much needed and useful tips on the art of bass fishing.  As stated earlier, this article is about bass fishing for beginners but I think I’ve included some tips that all can use.    Remember  to do your homework  on the subject matter and get as much information as possible about your fishing location.  Most of all, don’t overcomplicate things and remember to have fun.